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Rogai Info software Author Resources Center

Welcome to Rogai Info software Author Resources Center! From here you can:

Submit your software

Currently we do accept software submissions only via PAD files.

Submission Terms

General requirements

  • You must be the software author or the person who has been given the right to submit it.
  • Submitted PAD files must be error-free and comply with the official PAD specification. Prior to submitting your PAD file please VALIDATE it against the current specification using online PAD validator and also check all URLs (web site, screenshot, icon, program home page, PAD URL, download URL) to ensure that you have specified them correctly. Please take a time to read about the required fields, common mistakes, and useful tips on About PAD page.
  • Provide a VALID email address without enabled autoresponders in "Contact Email" field so that we could easily contact you to report any issues with your listing! There are other ways to avoid spam rather than total ignorance of all incoming emails or asking for additional efforts from those who have to mail you.
  • Your web site should NOT contain any casino/gambling, adult related or other unwanted materials, ads etc.
  • Both PAD file and program file must be ALWAYS accessible from your server.
  • The download URL should immediately initiate the software download. We generally do not allow links to web pages or information capture forms, redirects to file sharing services (rapidshare, megaupload etc.) or other download archives (download.com) etc.
  • We accept only free products or functional trial versions allowing users to experience the software adequately, NOT just documentation, slide shows, flash tutorials, internet shortcuts etc.
  • The software interface and its documentation must be IN ENGLISH.
  • The software must be free of viruses, trojan horses, bundled adware/spyware and other potentially harmful components.
  • The software must provide users with a clear and simple method for its removal.
  • We reserve the right to reject any submission and remove any software listing from our database for reasons at our own discretion.

Note: Any persisting efforts to deceive or mislead will cause your domain getting blacklisted for all further submissions, along with the complete removal of ALL your previously accepted submissions if any. These include, but not limited to:

  • Sumbissions of identical or substantially similar software products from different URLs/sites, manipulations in program title or company name,
  • Efforts to expedite your submission by providing a backlink URL from other's site or from an orphan (not linked from anywhere) page on your site etc.
  • Submitting shareware and other commercialware products as freeware,
  • Attempting to artificially affect downloads count,
  • Fake regular version/release date updates,
  • Submitting reviews for your own software products listings or soliciting others to do so,
  • Selling software products and services available elsewhere for free,
  • Providing incorrect affiliate data or using cheating tricks to prevent affiliate cookies tracking (sumbitting affiliate data for a payment service different from linked on your site and/or within the software product, adding fake affiliate ID to the purchase links on your site etc.). Do NOT submit any affiliate data but leave the appropriate fields EMPTY!

The following submission types are NOT accepted:

  • Adult related applications (porn media managers, downloaders etc.),
  • Affiliate/Reseller submissions,
  • Affiliated desktop lookup tools for online shops & auctions (Amazon, eBay etc.),
  • eBooks, tutorials, references, exam tests, certification trainings etc.,
  • Online games (Flash, Java etc.),
  • Online hosted services,
  • Software for casino, gambling, trading or betting with real wagering (Online Poker, Forex etc.), lottery number generators, programs intended to assist with any gambling activities.
  • Submissions intended to promote a non-exclusive software site (browser search toolbars & addons, site loaders & gadgets, crap screensavers & tools etc.),
  • Software applications producing false positives to encourage users to purchase them (rogue antivirus, antispyware, registry cleaner tools etc.),
  • Software bundled with third party advertising (Adware) or tracking components (Spyware),
  • Software that requests your email address or other personal information before you can download and/or try it.
  • Software with obvious quality or stability issues (crashing, error screens),
  • Spamming tools (email extractors, anonymous bulk mailers & messagers, forum/guestbook posters, MFA/doorway page generators etc.),
  • Warez, cracks, or any other application types that infringe on any copyrights or international treaties,
  • Web scripts of any kind (PHP, ASP, CGI, JavaScript etc.),
  • We NO LONGER accept new submissions for screensavers and desktop wallpapers!

Processing new submissions

Please note that new submissions are NOT added to the site immediately! When you submit your software, WE sent (within 7 day) confirmation request to your contact email address specified in the submitted PAD file.

Do NOT resubmit!

Before submitting a product, please check by searching if it is not already listed on Rogai Info software. If your PAD file is already listed in our DB, please do NOT resubmit it when updating on your server unless you want to add affiliate data for existing listing or expedite your pending submission by adding the backlink URL! Like the avast majority of PAD enabled sites, we DAILY fetch all submitted PAD files from their original URLs and check them for updates! There is only a small fraction of sites requiring manual resubmissions that have a real value, so please do NOT waste your time and money by paying to third party submission services for regular resubmissions! This does not give you any advantages but instead, overbloats our database and requires from us to spend more time on approving new submissions! Therefore we consider all regular resubmissions as SPAMMING and blacklist those domains for all further submissions!

If you want to change PAD filename/location on your server, simply upload your updated PAD file both to new and to old locations having specified the new location in PAD URL field for both - during the next polling round our polling script will read new PAD URL from that field and change it in our DB to use it for future pollings.

Request listing removal
To remove your listing from our database, please email your request via the contact form and specify the reason of removal, PAD URL and program ID on Rogai Info software.

Submit your software

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